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Detailed classification of compost turner machine

Le 16/01/2020

Compost turner machine is widely used in process of biofertilizer project to prove the fermentation speed and quality. The following mainly introduces the throwing and throwing machines.
compost turner machine
1.Mobile compost turner machine
Adopting a four-wheeled walking design, the rotating raw materials mounted on the rack are used to flip, fluff, and move the stack of raw materials. It can freely move forward, backward or turn. Only one person needs to drive to implement the job. The overall structure of the machine is reasonable, the force is balanced, strong, the performance is safe and reliable, and the operation and maintenance are simple and convenient.
The biggest feature of this machine is the integration of the crushing function at the later stage of material fermentation, which improves the efficiency of crushing and reduces the cost. It is especially suitable for producing microbial fermentation materials into good bio-organic fertilizer.

2. Self-propelled compost turner machine
It is composed of transmission, lifting device, walking device, dumping device, transfer truck and other main components. It has the effects of fast stacking speed and uniform mixing, which can make the material fully contact with the air and achieve the best fermentation effect. The machine is designed with scientific structure, high degree of automation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient use, and low cost.
The biggest feature of the self-propelled dumper is that it saves a lot of manpower and material engineering, and makes the scale of fertilizer production more flexible. It is especially suitable for converting agricultural waste, saving manure and organic domestic waste into high-quality biological organic fertilizer.

3. Chain type compost turner machine
The machine is equipped with a high-pressure forced oxygen supply system, which can use the oxygen at the bottom of the tank to uniformly supply oxygen to the material, which is convenient for fermentation. The side of the fermentation tank is equipped with a fixed copper sliding contact cable to ensure safety, reliability and durability.
The biggest advantages of this equipment are thorough turning, long moving distance, short fermentation cycle and strong production capacity. It is reported that the stacking distance can reach about 10 meters, the fermentation cycle is about 1 week, and the annual production capacity can reach 1-2 million tons. This machine is widely used in the treatment of various livestock and poultry manure, straw, mushroom planting culture materials, domestic garbage, etc.

4. Trough type throwing machine
Trough type throwing machine is a kind of flipping equipment that uses slot type compost. According to the slot width, the imported Bakus throwing machine can be divided into 3 meters, 4.5 meters, and 5 meters. The general slot height is about 2 meters. An hour's processing capacity is more than 1500 cubic meters, which is powered by diesel; domestic equipment is mostly driven by electricity, and the processing capacity is less than 800 cubic meters, which is not as good as diesel driving.

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Application of compost turner machine in organic fertilizer production line

Le 08/01/2020

As a new type of compost turner machine, double-screws turning machine is widely used in animal manure organic fertilizer production line and bio-organic fertilizer production. It is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting, and it is based on the organic fertilizer manufacturing process and NPK fertilizer production machinery equipment family. The unique mechanical design and practical mechanical properties are rapidly multiplying, and it is the best substitute for replacing the manual and forklift materials. It is the mainstream product of the pre-fermentation application of organic fertilizer production line and biofertilizer project.
compost turner machine

The Double-screws Turning Machine comprises a traverse device, a traveling device and a tumbling device, wherein the tumbling device comprises two reducers fixed to the frame, a screw shaft connected to the respective reducer via a coupling member and fixed with a spiral blade. When the device is walking on a specific track, the screw shaft will no longer work, and the screw shaft will automatically rotate to move against the work when walking to the effective work surface. The fermentation rate is increased, the compost is rapidly decomposed, the odor is prevented from being generated, and the fermentation time is shortened.

Double-screws Turning Machine performance characteristics:
1. Fully stir the doping to make the material meet the granulation demand quickly.

2. Due to the large stacking force, the material is supplemented with more fresh air, which helps the aerobic microbial fermentation to heat up, and constitutes a process of high-temperature exchange, which helps all kinds of beneficial micro-bacteria to develop and multiply in the temperature range where it adapts.

3. The turner system can process the material into small clumps, making the thick and dense material pile loose and elastic, and forming a suitable porosity.

4. After the raw materials are turned over and fermented, there is certain water content. The consumption of raw materials by a large amount of microorganisms generated after turning over the piles will also release the water in the carrier. Therefore, as the fertilizer process reduces water, in addition to the evaporation of the heat transfer composition, the turning machine flips the raw materials to form a forced water vapor volatilization.

5. Achieve special requirements for the composting process. For example, the breaking of the raw material, the shape of the raw material pile or the quantitative shift of the raw material is achieved. As one of the important equipment in the fermentation equipment and organic fertilizer production process, the turner has been at the forefront of the development of the times, making great contributions to the organic fertilizer production line and  biofertilizer project.


How to choose cow dung organic fertilizer machine manufacturers?

Le 18/12/2019

The cow manure organic fertilizer production line can effectively reduce the eutrophication of surface water bodies caused by pollution, solve the environmental pollution caused by breeding industries such as cattle farms and other organic wastes, and lay a foundation for human consumption of green food and organic food. A good foundation is conducive to improving the safety and quality of agricultural products, and the ecological and environmental benefits are extremely significant.
fertilizer machine

The cow manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process is using organic waste such as livestock manure to produce bio-organic fertilizer, pure organic fertilizer and organic inorganic fertilizer. The cow manure organic fertilizer equipment is characterized by fresh cow dung as raw material, after a series of processing and advanced technology, producing complete sets of production equipment of natural organic cow manure fertilizer.

The equipment is easy to operate, low in energy consumption and high in output. It adopts a new generation of high-efficiency granulation process, scientific and reasonable process, compact layout, and effectively solves the key technical problems, such as the organic raw materials are difficult to granulate of traditional granulation process, the addition amount is low, and the raw materials need to be dried and smashed treatment. The cow manure organic fertilizer equipment has stable operation, energy saving and no consumption, no three discharges, convenient maintenance, reliable operation and wide adaptability of raw materials. It can produce spherical pure organic fertilizer, organic inorganic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer; the particles are round and uniform, smooth, good fluidity and high strength.

How to choose cow dung organic fertilizer production line equipment manufacturers? First, let us know what equipment is composed of cow dung organic fertilizer equipment?

Cow manure organic fertilizer equipment is divided into three configurations: low, medium and high:

Low configuration: semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, drum sieving machine, packaging equipment.

Medium configuration: semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, drum sieving machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.

High configuration: chicken manure dehydrator, fermentation compost turner machine, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, drum sieving machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.

The quality of organic fertilizer equipment directly affects the level of efficiency. Therefore, when we choose the cow manure organic fertilizer machine manufacturers, we must not blindly choose, we must choose strong and responsible manufacturers. It is not easy for customers to earn every penny. It is also necessary to carefully select the equipment that is more suitable for them and find a manufacturer of organic fertilizer production lines with excellent technology and good after-sales service.


What is the reason that the compost turner machine is used for manure composting?

Le 18/11/2019

In the biofertilizer project, the first is to compost the manure, why should the manure compost use a compost turning machine? The reason why there is such a question is that everyone has used traditional manure composting fermentation methods for many years. However, it is not known that such treatment is difficult to achieve complete fermentation of the feces, and the application of the incompletely fermented feces will cause great damage to the crops.

compost turner machine
Sheep manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process:
1. Combine the sheep manure with the right amount of straw powder, and mix it with the amount of water depending on the amount of sheep manure. Generally, the fermentation requires 45% water content, that is, the hand is pinched into a group, the fingers are seen in the water, but the water is not dripped. The solution is scattered. Then add cornmeal and strains, the role of cornmeal is to increase the sugar, for the fermentation of the strain, so that the multi-dimensional complex enzymes quickly dominate.

2. Add the mixed mixture to the mixer for mixing. The mixing must be uniform, and it should be thoroughly penetrated without leaving a block.

3. The stirred ingredients are piled into strips with a width of 1.5 m to 2 m and a height of 0.8 m to 1 m, which are thrown once every 2 days with a compost turner machine.

4. Stacking 2 days warming, 4 days odorless, 7 days loose, 9 days fragrant, 10 days into fertilizer (that is, the second day of the heap temperature can reach 60 ° C-80 ° C, killing E. coli, eggs and other pests and diseases On the 4th day, the smell of sheep manure was eliminated; on the 7th day, the compost became loose and dry, and it was covered with white hyphae; on the 9th day, a scent of koji was produced; on the 10th day, the fertilizer was fermented and matured).

5. The compost can be crushed with a semi-wet material pulverizer if it is dried slightly, granulated by an organic fertilizer granulator machine, dried and dehydrated by a dryer, and then screened through a sieve machine, the finished organic fertilizer is ready, it can be loaded, packed and stored.


Poultry manure organic fertilizer disc granulation process

Le 08/10/2019

Disc granulator is mainly used in the granulation of organic fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer production line. It is also suitable for equipment in chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy, building materials and feed industry. It has the characteristics of compact structure, firmness, convenient installation and stability, and stable performance. The machine is mainly composed of an angled disc and a base, and the inclination angle thereof is adjustable.

During the granulation process, the mixed materials of the mixer are transported to the top of the disc by the conveyor, and the disc is continuously and quantitatively added. Inside, the material in the disc is adhered by the adhesive under spray and wrapped into pellets. As the disc rotates, the particles gradually grow. Due to the remarkable grading ability of the machine, large particles float above and continuously flow from below the disc, while small particles continue to grow with the newly added material. The machine has the characteristics of uniform granulation, less grain return and large production capacity.
disc granulator machine
The poultry manure organic fertilizer disc granulation process has shorten fertilizer manufacturing process, simple structure, low investment and easy operation. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises; the size of organic fertilizer particles is determined by the inclination and rotation speed of the disc, and the tilt rate and the rotational speed of the disc can be adjusted.Therefore, the disc granulation process has a wide control range of particle size, strong adaptability, and the ball formation rate is very high, which can reach 70%~90%; the operation is intuitive and can be mastered at any time.The operation of the equipment can be adjusted in time if it is found to be abnormal.

Introduction to the process of the granulation mechanism of the disc granulation:
1. The treated poultry manure is directly transported to the raw material silo (or raw material blender);
2. The poultry manure is transported to the disc homogenizer and uniformly added to the rotating disc of the disc granulator; the liquid component or the appropriate amount of water is dripped through the liquid component distributor of the disc granulator to sprinkle on the material in the disc to meet the amount of liquid required for the ball; the rotating disc and the edge of the disc produce friction and centrifugal action on the material, causing the material to move circumferentially, causing the particles to lick each other. And squeezing, gradually agglomerating into a ball; due to the difference in particle quality, the resulting gravity and centrifugation are also different, and when the gravity and centrifugation are increased enough to overcome the friction between the particles, they are thrown out of the disk. Smaller particles remain in the disc and continue to condense fine particles;
3. Transfer to the organic fertilizer dryer for heat exchange with heat from the hot air stove;
4. Transfer to the organic fertilizer cooler to cool the fertilizer by natural cold air or strong cooling air;
5. Delivered to the finished screening machine, the large particles are crushed by the crusher and returned to the disc homogenizer to continue to participate in the ball;
6. Transport to the automatic packaging scale weighing, packaging, storage;
7. Drying, cooling and workshop dust are emptied by cyclone dust collector, labyrinth dust chamber and wet scrubbing.


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